Yara Nelhah.

"Beware of pretty faces that you find, a pretty face can hide an evil mind."


Extroverted / In Between / IntrovertedDisorganized / In Between / OrganizedClose Minded / In Between / Open MindedCalm / In Between / AnxiousDisagreeable / In Between / AgreeableCautious / In Between / RecklessPatient / In Between / ImpatientOutspoken / In Between / ReservedLeader / In Between / FollowerEmpathetic / In Between / ApatheticOptimistic / In Between / PessimisticTraditional / In Between / ModernHard Working / In Between / LazyCultured / In Between / UnculturedLoyal / In Between / DisloyalFaithful / In Between / Unfaithful

Yara is one who typically keeps to herself when it comes to her past, though some rumors in the Shroud are whispered about her sister tribe's downfall, the gossip centered around the fact that most of the sister branch of the Nelhah tribe were eradicated, a select few barely managing to survive.A previous event coordinator, the woman learned how to use her charms and silver tongue in order to make some coin, though it was evident that the woman lingered mayhap a bit too long when it came to certain conversations, using her talents to eavesdrop on those she found to be particularly fascinating.Within the shadows of the dark market, she is known as a spymaster, the woman using those under her employ as a means to gather dirt on those who request it of her for a price. She is also a dancer at one of the premier venues housed within Shirogane, giving her a means to use her other talents to acquire more information on those who spill secrets during pillow talk.She is all smiles, sultry looks and moves, but beyond the mask, the haunted look in the woman's gaze indicates that there is much more than meets the eye...

She is typically seen wearing garments that are intricate and very expensive, the woman having an excessive desire to own and wear all things lavish. Her eyes are a strange shade, mixed with amber and pink hues that compliment her tanned complexion.Upon looking past the tattoos that cover her body, one would notice the various scars and burn marks that are scattered throughout the lass's bare skin.Her hair color is a creamy pinkish hue, typically worn down though the woman can be seen with intricate up-dos, depending on the occasion. Currently, the woman has their hair dyed to a dark purple hue. Her tail is very long and fluffy, gold jewelry wrapped near the tip of the tail.The most prominent feature one may note about Yara's appearance, is the various types of jewelry she wears, the most intriguing of them being her nipple piercings attached to her necklace, along with the various gold jewelry that adorn her furry appendages such as her ears.


Yara hails from the Black Shroud and has a bit of a history there. Mayhap you have heard about what happened to her sister tribe, or mayhap the two could have been childhood friends, rivals, or even just acquaintances that have met a time or two during her travels.

With her avid love of learning new things, Yara is almost never seen without some sort of book in her hands when she is enjoying her alone time, the Keeper typically seen flittering about in a library or bookshop. Mayhap the two of them encountered one another in a bookshop? Or mayhap your character is a scholar or researcher of sorts. Either way, those who thoroughly enjoy learning new things have an easy way of catching the woman's attention.

Yara is known in the black market for her specialties in gathering dirt for those who request such services from the Keeper, her network spread throughout Aldenard. Perhaps your character is someone that has hired her in past, is seeking to hire her in the near future, or possibly even has heard about her through the grapevine and is curious to learn more about the mysterious lass.

Yara has a bit of a troubled past, one that threatens to consume her in her moments of weakness. Knowing of this piece of her past could be an easy means of blackmailing her or otherwise manipulating her. If darker themes is your thing, I would be happy to provide more information in regards to her past so we could brainstorm a bit.

(( These are just some concepts that are offered for people to approach her with, though I am not picky when it comes to making ties with Yara. Our characters could be strangers, past lovers, or even rivals: more than happy to discuss possibilities.))


Hello There

Discord: The Black Flower#9036
In-game: Yara Nelhah

NOTE: Due to the graphical nature of the dark RP I engage in, I am only looking for RPers who are 21+. Thank you for your understanding!I am an avid lover of roleplay and all it has to offer! I have been roleplaying for 15+ years on different forms of media, though I have been currently stationed within FFXIV for the last 7 years for roleplay!I am very willing to participate in all themes of RP, such as...
❧ Dark/Mature | Adventure | Slice of Life ☙
I typically keep my character's information vague on their carrds-- This is intentional. I would rather my RP partner find out information organically through interactions, so I can assure you that I have very intricate stories for my characters! I hope you enjoy learning more about them over time.I also engage in para/multi-para RP, so my posts are typically at least a paragraph or two in length, though I typically do my best to match my partner's post length in order to make the RP flow more effortlessly. I typically do a lot better in one-on-ones, though I am more than happy to do group RP such as RP events, venues, etc.

❧ I HEAVILY emphasize the importantance of keeping IC and OOC separate-- I hate that I have to have this TEDD talk to begin with, but I have had way too many encounters with my characters that have bled OOC with someone I was engaging with.As someone who plays characters that have tortured, CNC'd, and enslaved others in the past, IT IS VITAL TO UNDERSTAND I AM NOT MY CHARACTER NOR DO I CONDONE WHAT THEY DO. I try my best to offer a more realistic and more immersive approach to my RP, and as such the themes I engage in are not for everyone. Please be advised I always ask for consent and communicate with my partner before engaging in darker scenes. Which leads me to my next point...❧ COMMUNICATION IS KEY. If you feel uncomfortable, tell me! If you feel like you want something different to happen between the two characters, tell me! We are both adults and should be able to communicate issues that may arise or what have you. I am really easy going if something isn't working out or if you want to walk away from the RP, but when people don't communicate with me, is when there are issues.
Otherwise, please feel free to message me in game or in discord and let me know if you'd like to cook something up together with me!

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